May 7, 2012

Ladies: Nice and free!

Hello ladies ☻

News!!! Styles by Danielle gives gold gorgeous dress. If you join group, you will get the groupgift May. Enrollement cost 200 lindens.

Chop Zuey gives a pretty earrings, excellent quality. Join group cost 250 lindens.

JW - Quest' O Quella Earrings.

There is a new groupgift in Koko. Minidress black/white. Join group es free.

There are two hunts in ~Sassy!~. Also there are many groupgifts. Join group is free. Examples:

~Sassy!~ This Is Totally Me Hunt Gift

☻ Find a pink star ☻

~Sassy!~ Flaunt dress - High Voltage Hunt Gift

☻ Find a black box ☻

~Sassy!~ Rockin' dress - Sassy! pink 5k members.

ELUZION * Lizza Earrings. Suscribe gift.

Sn Valentine by ~Sassy!~

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