Jan 29, 2012

—(••÷[( Glamour inexpensive )]÷••)—

 ~Burlesque~ group

Many gifts in group notice. Join group cost 10 lindens (limited time)

Brown hair from  Emilia Redgrave.
Black Jacket - 280 members in  ~Burlesque~
Sneakers from Redgrave.
Glasses from Cheap & Cute

Key group


Minihunt:  Cherries on Top Hunt. There are 10 cherries in/out the store. The gifts are: necklaces, earrings, shoes, glasses, etc. Also, great offers in dresses and shoes (55 lindens and 60 lindens). Example: This is a one of dresses, (red tone). There are green and purple. The boots and jewelry are gifts of minihunt. 

 Fierce Designs

Join group is free. There are many groupgift in Sale Zone. You should take teleporter to this zone. Example: spring dress very cute.

VIRTUAL DIVA +  Fierce Designs

Today, my dear argel Kristan (owner) offer all shapes: 50 lindens!!! Come now. Example: My shape (Sophia). Also, there is a new groupgift: Excelente and chic skin ""Goddness pastel"". Join group cost 10 lindens. Other groupgift from Fierce Designs in this white bikini (wow, sexy and cute).

Example two: Shape Angel and skin Alicia cake Tan. Golden bikini from Fierce Designs.

Example three: Shape Alondra and skin Diva2Bronze. Fairy white/holiday gift by Fierce Designs (underwear white).

Jan 28, 2012

Hi.... Happy weekend, friends!!!


There are two gifts: 1) Groupgift (browm jeans) and 2) Suscribe gift (miniskirt).

There are two free dresses. Activate the tag. Join group is free. 

-koko-Cybermini v.3-black



Elegant drees-Blue.
Join group is free. Activate tag.

New free outfits for women and men. For girls: "Cora" (minidress+stocking).



(*•.¸Dress/Vestido Lace Dresss¸.•*´)

Hermoso vestido en  encajes, muy sexy varios colores para escoger.

Beautiful lace dress, very sexy variety of colors to choose from.

(*•.¸Jewelry- Joyas-(Crater Jewelry)Beautiful necklace and earrings¸.•*´)

(*•.¸Hair- Cabello- Josie (for the Dressing Room Blue)¸.•*´)

(*•.¸ Skin- Ludicia  (Tan) Beautiful Skin-Hermoso maquillaje color tan¸.•*´)

(*•.¸ Pose-Poses- Model Pose Pack 1¸.•*´)

Jan 22, 2012

♀♀○○ Only for girls○○♀♀

Look 1 (22/01/2012)

[: B!ASTA :] :SO INNOCENT...APPARENTLY: Denim skirt outfit (Active your tag)
^;^CaTwA^;^ Amylee HairStyle/Winter Blondies (250 lindens)
Sole Sisters! Autumn boots - white (dollarbie)

Look 2 (22/01/2012)

ARTEMIS MAIN STORE Groupgift (pink dress). Join group no cost.

Look 3 (22/01/2012)

[: B!ASTA :]  Lucky board (floral and grey minidress)
Opium Winter Biker Boots (299 lindens) in markeplace.  Boot Textures: 6 available to select via HUD Warmer Textures: 6 available to select via HUD. Strap Textures: 6 available to select via HUD.
>TRUTH HAIR< Andrea Hair (250 lindens)

Look 4 (22/01/2012)

:: PM :: PurpleMoon Creations -  Rusalka Cocktail in Deep Purple 11K Members Gift


Hermoso cabello en  cuatro tonalidades solo 60L

Beautiful hair comes in four colors @60L

{.essences.} + Opium

Skin & Shape
 ☀.·*¨✩·. Kandia (fashionably late) pack .·✩¨*·.☀

 ☀.·*¨✩·. Opium Steampunk Boots Brown&Metal female .·✩¨*·.☀

  ☀.·*¨✩·.  .·✩¨*·.☀
 ☀.·*¨✩·.  .·✩¨*·.☀

 ☀.·*¨✩·.  .·✩¨*·.☀
 ☀.·*¨✩·.  .·✩¨*·.☀

 ☀.·*¨✩·.  .·✩¨*·.☀
 ☀.·*¨✩·.  .·✩¨*·.☀

 ☀.·*¨✩·.  .·✩¨*·.☀
 ☀.·*¨✩·.  .·✩¨*·.☀

 ☀.·*¨✩·.  .·✩¨*·.☀
 ☀.·*¨✩·.  .·✩¨*·.☀

 ☀.·*¨✩·.  .·✩¨*·.☀
 ☀.·*¨✩·.  .·✩¨*·.☀


Jan 15, 2012

Snowpaws + :+*R*+: PurpleMoon Creations + -SKIFIJA-

ஐ[★]ஐ--»Dress-Vestido (Amelit Dress - lustrous) «--ஐ[★]ஐ   
ஐ[★]ஐ--»Incluye la flor para el cabello-comes with the hair accessory«--ஐ[★]ஐ

ஐ[★]ஐ--» Jewelry-Joyeria Earrings,Necklace (Twinky Necklace(Gold)«--ஐ[★]ஐ 
 ஐ[★]ஐ--»Twinky Pierced Earrings Black«--ஐ[★]ஐ
ஐ[★]ஐ--» L'Olimpiade Necklace Off-white«--ஐ[★]ஐ 
ஐ[★]ஐ--»L'Olimpiade Pierced Earrings Off-white«--ஐ[★]ஐ    

ஐ[★]ஐ--»Hair - Cabello  Ana *Hair Attachment* -Blondes-«--ஐ[★]ஐ   

ஐ[★]ஐ--»Shoes-Calzado-Pumps - Countess «--ஐ[★]ஐ