Mar 7, 2013

ANNA SHAPES-DC49/PrincessMode-DC49/

*ANNA SHAPE* - Marina -DC-#49
PrincessMode-  Petty Poses  (Iphone 5 Edition)- DC-#49
+:+WTG+:+ - **gryps** necklace  /  **Modish SW** jeweled nails
-Belleza- Kate (Club Abstraction) - Also girls, beauty leaves on the roof of a gift club denomida skin kate in white boy with eyes full tone makeup Need group (free)
En el club Abstraction Belleza deja esta linda skin, necesita el grupo (gratis)
BlackLace- Rizzo -Pink Satin and Black Lace- GG (to enter the group costs 99L)
Regalo de  grupo, costo del grupo 99L
BlackLace- Lip Gloss - (January Group Gift)

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