May 2, 2012

May: New gifts and more.

-*-   Dressed by Lexi   /   Filthy   -*-

Join to Dressed by Lexy cost 99 lindens. Every month gives a new outfit. Worth it!

Join to Filthy cost 199 lindens. Every month gives a new skin for him and her. Worth it!

Example: Pretty magenta dress from Dressed by Lexi with a new skin by Filthy. Groupgift May!!! So cute.

-*-   Mamboo Chic  /   Dafnis   -*-

Pretty skin free with Mamboo Chic Tag. The skin is in notices group for limited time. Join group cost 300 lindens. Every month, the owner gives a new release as gift. Dafnis have a new groupgift: It is a cute dress ballon style in gold and black, boots includes (Mesh outfit). Join group cost 50 lindens.

Key group Mamboo Chic
(The store is closed. Updates only group).

*-*    **Ydea Style Mainstore**   *-*

Amazing freebie!!! You do not join group. Only click over vendor and get it.

*-*    Beautiful Dirty Rich   *-*

Groupgift and freebie. Join group is free. Go to gifts, now!!! The groupgift is a urban outfit style baggie with red top. Sneakers includes. The freebie is a sexy outfit two pieces (skirt + top).

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