May 26, 2013

Diamond Style + Virtual Impressions

Diamond Style-Blouse GS Phoebe (Lilac)
Diamond Style -GS Wilma Pants Brown
Virtual Impressions -  Claudia Texture Change Jewelry Set

Diamond Style-Phoebe Blouse Black and white
Virtual Impressions -  Esther Jewelry Set in Silver
Diamond Style-Phoebe Blouse Coral
Virtual Impressions - Dionne Texture Change Jewelry Set
 Diamond Style-Phoebe Blouse Black and Brown (Cross)
Virtual Impressions  - Mandy Texture Change Jewelry
Diamond Style-Chantal Black

Virtual Impressions - Janine Texture Change Jewelry Set

Diamond Style - Cora Mesh Bikini
(Hand Bag not included)

 N-core-Tip Toe Bare feet (Mesh)
My favorite store N-core

 Georgina  Tiara Texture Change Jewelry Set
Virtual Impressions
All the jewelry I've used is the most recognized designer Chrissy Ambrose.
I present you the  latest collection.

Virtual Impressions - Pippa Jewelry, Group Gift

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