Aug 26, 2013

.::PiNK CHERRY::. / Baubles! / .::WoW Skins::. XUi Shoes

.:: Designer Circle ::. 61st Collection

 ::PC::. Alpha layer Tube top Jumpsuit "Aaliyah" Black / Silver - Available in DC-61St
With Standard Sizing Shape Package.
What is Standard Sizing?
Standard Sizing is a system created to standardize avatar shapes so that rigged mesh clothing can be created to fit most adult human female avatars and so that consumers will be able to objectively identify their own avatar with one of the Standard Sizes, enabling them to comfortably purchase rigged mesh clothing and accessories. We have created a group of 5 shapes representing the 5 most common adult human female avatar sizes in Second Life: Extra Extra Small (XXS), Extra Small (XS), Small (S), Medium (M), and Large (L).
¿Qué es el estándar de Tallas?
Estándar calibrado es un sistema creado para estandarizar las formas  del avatar para que la ropa de mesh a pueda ser creado para adaptarse a la mayoría de  los  avatares femeninos  y para que los consumidores puedan identificar objetivamente su propio avatar con uno de los tamaños estándar, lo que les permite comprar cómodamente ropa de mesh y accesorios. Hemos creado un grupo de 5 formas que representan los 5 más comunes  tamaños  en Second Life: Extra Extra Small (XXS), Extra Small (XS) Pequeño (S) Mediano (M) y grande (L) .
  (Yo estoy usando el shape Grande (L)
(I'm using the large shape)

Jewelry- Baubles!  Necklace & Earrings Available in DC-61St
.::WoW Skins::. Iman With  CL Available in DC-61St

 .::WoW Skins::. Iman With  CL (Red Lip) Available in DC-61St
(comes with the shape /  Viene con el shape)
XUi Shoes - Fay & Foxy 
These beautiful shoes you can buy only the marketplace, you will find many styles, shapes, colors for every occasion.
Very soon I show other styles
Estos hermoso calzado  tu solo los puedes comprar en marketplace, encontrarás muchos estilos ,formas  ,colores para toda ocacion.
Dentro muy poco les mostrare otros estilos

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