Aug 2, 2016

!Musa! Event:The Gacha Garden

Maitreya Body Lara
Catwa Head Cami
 Mermaid Gacha  

Event:The Gacha Garden
Date:August 1st to August 31st.
Events Offers from Musa:Seed of Inspirations
Mermaid gacha per 50L$

Yabusaka Mermaid/Merman tail is optimized for Kami-Hitoe -Ocean Sway- AO.

Please visit Kami-Hitoe on-line store for AO.

This tail is made with semi-fitted mesh.
You can adjust waist fitting with "Butt Size" and "Saddle Bags" shape sliders.
Using these sliders, this tail can cover wide range of body shape.

You can also change tail thickness and tail fin size with "Leg Muscles" and "Foot Size" sliders, respectively.

Mermaid Tail Light will enhance glossiness of the tail.

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