Mar 4, 2018

...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... |Designer Circle - THE EVENT- 174th March 2018

Maitreya Lara Bento

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The event is starting on March 3rd.2018
*B.D.R.* Into You -Dress
*B.D.R.* Love Promise -Dress
*B.D.R.* No Promises -Dress
*B.D.R.* Not Into You -Skirt
*B.D.R.* Not Into You - Top
*B.D.R.*  Too Fast For Love -Top

The 174th round is available from  March 4th to March 17th, 2018

[NYNE] 'Xula' Hair @ Designer Circle - THE EVENT- 174th
 'Xula' - unrigged - w. Menu
'Xula' - rigged - Boobie
 Hud - Color Picker|Hud - Ombre| Hud - Single Tone|Hud - Unicorn.

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