May 30, 2018

We Love To Blog - Utopia May 2018

Maitreya Lara Bento

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 POSH INC.: Let's Tango -Maitreya [Dress]

::DS:: Dulce Secrets - Oiran Chai Skin
::DS:: Oiran Spirted Eyeshadow Catwa Applier 
::DS:: Oiran Spirted Lipstick Catwa
Beautiful skin, The first time I wear it I think has damaged the eyebrow. I was wrong. Here is the story.
They are a historic Japanese beauty style called Moth brows.  They were considered to be more beautiful with the brows shaved in that manner.
Thanks, Anne Maertens.

**UTOPIA@Design** - "MASHA" - Cosmopolitana
(Round: 21st May - 2nd June)

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